400028 – Famous for the Ganesha Temple

Bombay (ooph, Mumbai!), Dadar, Siddhivinayak temple, Pin Code-400028. Now it’s a matter of an unending debate as to whether Siddhivinayak, the iconic Ganesh temple of Mumbai, is known for its own sacred value or the Postal Code-400028 makes is so famous not only in India but also in the whole world?

Well, to be honest, it’s the intrinsic divine importance of the Ganesh temple that prevails over the importance of Postal identification code -400028.

All said and done, All said and done, years ago (precisely on July 4, 1997) the writer of a blog sent a hand-written letter at the address adjacent to Siddhivinayak temple, Dadar, Mumbai. He inadvertently didn’t mention the Pin Code. Alas, the receiver never got that letter. But when the Postal Code was mentioned, it reached! So, am I contradicting myself?

I reiterate the concept of city planning’s key to easy accessibility: Double Planner or Buffering Identity. When one talks about the significance of Siddhivinayak temple, Dadar, Mumbai, one doesn’t have to mention the Pin Code 400028. But when it comes to official correspondence and safe accessibility, the mention of a Postal Code is a must. It makes the things easier by making the Zonal Divisions marked out and properly bifurcated. This is Buffering Identity.

A letter or parcel sent by post will reach AIR Delhi even without the mention of Pin Code-110001. But it may take time because of the lack of Zonal Bifurcation.

The same can be said about Siddhivinayak, Dadar- 400028. The netizens and devotees might be aware that the management of Siddhivinayak temple appeals to the devotees living outside Bombay to send Pooja Saamagri (pooja-material) to the temple mentioning clearly the Pin Code of the area where the temple is situated.

This is for simplifying things and also for the safe and secure delivery of pooja material at the doorstep of the temple.

Siddhivinayak temple of Bombay is world-renowned. There’s no gainsaying the fact. But the simultaneous mention of its Code makes it all the more visible.

This is the age of sharp and quick get-at-able propositions. Postal Code adds to it and makes the whole task easier.

The term Pin-code came from the phrase: Pinning the faith on… A pin code is something you can Pin your faith on from the perspective of reaching safely and also to identify a place in terms of numbers which is always easier than a full address to mention. One remembers Postal Code more easily than one remembers the landmarks, however remarkable they may be.

So, from that point of view, Code of Siddhivinayak is something you can remember quickly and reach without beating around the bush and getting stuck in the lousy traffic of India’s financial capital.

Moreover, Dadar is the hub of crowd and other activities. It’s always pretty crowded. Postal Code makes it easier for an outsider to reach the place (Siddhivinayak) sans much headache.

Lastly, whether or not you’re a believer, your visit to Bombay remains somewhat incomplete without paying obeisance to Siddhivinayak, Dadar. And remember the Pin Code! Or shall I repeat and drill it into your brains?


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