Bali’s Sacred Destinations – Mount Agung and the Mother Temple of Besakih

Located on the eastern part of Bali, Mount Agung rises to an altitude of 3,148 meters. On a clear day, the view of Mount Agung is definitely something that will remain as a beautiful mental picture in your mind. Staying at a luxury Bali villa that provides bedrooms or terraces that overlook the mountain from a distance is highly recommended. The sky is blue and with its peak surrounded by thin white clouds, the classic view of the mountain brings peace and calm at anytime of the day.

Mount Agung is also known as Bali’s biggest trekking challenge. For people who love this kind of outdoor activity, this mountain might be their favorite one because it is not difficult to climb. The best time to climb is during the dry season of April to October but it should be well-noted that climbing is not permitted when major religious events are held at Besakih Temple, which mostly occurs in the month of April. You will surely need a guide if you are interested in this trekking activity. When you book your luxury Bali villa, make sure you ask the agent whether they can arrange the activity or provide a guide for you.

If trekking does not attract you, you can still spend some time outside of your luxury Bali villa to pay a visit to Besakih Temple. This sacred temple is famous for its uncountable steps, ascending to a number of courtyards and brick gateways that lead up to the main spire Meru structure which is called Pura Penataran Agung, the main sanctuary of the complex. You should pay attention of the clothes that you wear if you wish to enter the temple because skimpy clothes such as shorts and tank-tops are not allowed. You will have to rent a sarong at a reasonable price to be able to enter the temple.


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