Salasar Temple: Magic of Lord of Hanuman

Here’s a unique Hanuman idol different from the conventional image of Hanuman. Before that, it’s imperative to stress upon this difference of image of the deity from anthropological perspective.

Kevin Geymer and Morton Ricks wrote in their essay, ‘Divine Image Change’ that when a conventional deity is worshipped in a different form and image, it becomes more relatable to the devotees. From this point of view, the bearded and moustachio Hanuman quickly strikes a rapport with the worshippers and devotees.

This Hanuman deity is very venerable among the pilgrims. Legend has it that those who come here with a clean heart and unflinching faith in Hanuman gets his/her wish fulfilled.

People of that region believe that Salasar Balaji temple is the Guardian Deity of the Desert.

A couple of years ago, I went to Churu, Rajasthan. My father was a doctor there before my birth. Despite being an atheist, I went to have a darshan of Salasar Balaji in deference to my father’s wish and request. It was a soul-satisfying visit to the temple and as the ingrained human tendency eggs us on, I too casually prayed there. Somehow, I felt like praying and I did pray.

I didn’t want anything. But certain excellent events happened in my life after that visit. I’m still a skeptic but I somewhere feel that certain divine places have their aura that cannot be denied even by a hardcore non-believer like me!

Someone beautifully described Salasar Balaji as ‘In spite of being situated in the heart of a desert (Thar), the temple has never been deserted by the faithful devotees of Balaji.’

Hanuman ji is also worshipped to ward off evil influences. People under the spells of black magic come here and they get emancipation from evil influences.

It’s said that if one reads Hanuman Chalisa 31 times at this temple and then asks for something, his/her wish is bound to get fulfilled.

You’ll feel recharged here because legend has it that any temple of Hanuman sends out divine positive vibes, though it can be said about any holy place or shrine.

Hanuman ji is known to solve long-pending issues and problems. People come here with the objective of darshan and also to solve their interminable problems. Long-running court cases get instant verdicts after a visit to this temple. That’s why, the villagers also call it, court wale Hanuman ji or Adalati Hanuman!! Long and chronic diseases also disappear if the afflicted person prays to the deity with complete faith, devotion and samarpan.

The writer met a lawyer here, who told him that he never lost a single case after his visit to the Salasar Balaji! Call it faith or sheer coincidence, one thing remains that unflappable belief has no explanation and it can’t be questioned. Rather, it should never be questioned.

The Hindu faith is very friendly in nature. We tend to strike a quick and friendly connection with deities. This deity is also no exception. We feel instantaneously connected here.

One must visit Salasar Hanuman if western Rajasthan is on the itinerary. The Salasar Balaji Temple Timings for devotees at Salasar Balaji Dham are between 4:00 am to 22:00 pm.


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