Third Temple of Israel

The construction of the third temple is set for 2023.

According to Daniel chapter 9 the third temple will we be rebuilt in 2023. Even more interesting is that the antichrist will be the one who will rebuild it. Since we know that Jesus Christ rules and reigns for a thousand years from the Third Temple, One might ask oneself why would Jesus live In the third temple if the antichrist is the builder? The answer is quite simple. God has prophesied it so.

According to Daniel chapter 9 the antichrist will confirm a covenant for seven years with Israel. It will be some sort of a peace treaty. That seven-year covenant will include removal of the Dome of the rock that is presently on the temple site. It will also include the construction of the beautiful Third Temple. Only a masterful and powerful individual could possibly pull off such a deal.

At the halfway point of the seven-year period, which makes 3 1/2 years, the antichrist will turn against the nation of Israel and call himself God. He will set himself up in the Third Temple and reveal his true intentions. He is NOT the friend of Israel, and he is NOT going to keep his part of the covenant. Yes, the Temple will be built, but BEWARE OF THE” Prince of the People that shall come.”

We know that the third temple will be built, because the Bible tells us that Jesus will rule and reign from Jerusalem seated in the third temple for the thousand year reign of Christ, which is the millennium. If it seems odd to you that he would use someone else to build the Third Temple, only remember that Herod spent much time and money on the restoration of the Second Temple (which bears his name in the halls of history).

Being as that there is no temple on the Temple Site right now, but rather the Dome of the rock, we conclude that obviously someone somewhere between now and the millennium will build the third temple. One problem: In Scripture, we find that the antichrist himself sits in the temple of God and declares himself to be God. This occurs before Jesus arrives at his second coming.

When you add this all up, what you have is the third temple being constructed from 2023 until 2027. Then what you have is the last 3 1/2 years of the tribulation. That brings us up to 2030. Then what you have is the second coming or the return of Jesus Christ In 2030.


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