Shree Saraswathi Temple, koothanur Tamilnadu, India

About Shree Saraswathi Temple

Ottakoothar and his grandson Ovathakoothar established the beautiful temple for Goddess Maha Saraswathi.

Goddess Saraswathi, in a penance performing posture, confers Her blessings on this world as the prime deity, only in this temple. A beautiful three-eyed form, with one leg folded in a yogasana pattern, is a feast for the eyes.

She is seated on a white lotus, attired in white silk. She symbolizes her inherent Presence in studies, having a palm script in her hands. The other hand has the ‘Chinmudra’, blessing devotees. Another hand has the ‘Akshamala’, signifying penance. The fourth palm has the nectar pot, conferring happiness and spiritual bliss to devotees. Her benevolent smile and eyes, she has Her third eye giving us the highest form of spiritual knowledge. In short, she gives all who worship Her absolute bliss while giving us education, knowledge, intelligence, and welfare.

Shree Saraswathi Temple

On Saraswathi Pooja Day and Vijayathasami Day, Maha Saraswathi is taken out in procession on the swan. In particular, devotees perform pooja directly to the beautifully decorated extended feet of the goddess on Saraswathi pooja Day.

Though one can worship Here on all days of the week, Wednesdays are specifically chosen for excellence in education and knowledge. Devotees throng the temple on Vijaya Dasami Day with their children and begin their studies with a pooja at the feet of the Goddess others, who are not able to come in Day, choose some other auspicious day to start their children’s education. It is indeed a wonderful sight to see hundreds of children seeking Her blessings by placing their textbooks, notebooks, pencils, and pens at her feet daily, and gain excellence in education and knowledge, the prime base for improvement in life.

Children wanting to excel in the fields of music, dance and drama, inaugurate and continue to perform here on Vijaya thalami Day and other auspicious days on their instruments. The sight of devotees with dump children praying for them scans indeed be soul-stirring. Devotees within and abroad, who have had Her munificent blessings, have narrated wonderfully blissful experiences because people now fully realize that a good education has a special value worldwide.

Shree Saraswathi Temple

Her grace extending beyond age, wealth, and religion or castle is well known throughout the world. By worshipping Her here at Koothanur, it has been established that children can do well in studies, reaching top ranks, improve education and knowledge, and be a gift to their parents.

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Other Temples in  Koothanur are:

1. Temple for the goddess of learning, Maha Saraswathi
2. Temple for Rama, God Protecting Dharma.
3. Temple for Harinatheswara, to perform penance.
4. Temple for Durga, the benevolent and town protecting goddess.
5. Temple for Draupadi.
6. Temple for Malaysia Sastha, Iyyanar, the family deity of people of this town.
7. The temple of Maha Ganapathi

How to Reach

By Air: The nearest airport is at Trichy which is 135 km away.

By Train: The nearest railway station is at Poonthottam Railway station which is 2 km away.

By Road: Buses are available from Mayiladuthurai to Tiruvarur pass through Poonathottam.

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